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Inspiring kitchen solutions
Thrilling and convincing

The pioneer in design and quality. No other kitchen collection was so defining for the German kitchen industry like systemat. The combination of avant-garde elements, natural materials and innovative technology combining elegance, class and luxury to a perfect overall work. A systemat kitchen inspires you anew each day. Systemat offers you full freedom of design. Fulfill all your dreams in design and functionality.

AV 6000 – Absolute Serenity

The harmonious unison of black fronts and dark wood tones complements the AV 6000 with an unique charme, but convinces on the other hand with absolute serenity.
The AV 6000 is made for open room concepts where the colour palette is in balance with the interior design.

Hacker Kitchen Pakistan
Hacker Kitchen Pakistan

AV 2045 – Modern and High-Quality

White fronts in combination with the extravagant, marble coloured surface form an exciting bond. The filigree, light lines of the dark background skillfully loosen up the design.
Striking shapes harmonise with soft highlights. The kitchen AV 2045 combines opposites with playful ease.

AV 6084 - Straight, Distinct, Puristic

The dark fronts in volcano oak skillfully create a contrast to the grey industrial steel elements. This kitchen stays pleasantly reserved but without losing its impressive charisma. The transition from kitchen to home furniture is smooth.

Hacker Kitchen Pakistan
Hacker Kitchen Pakistan

Puristic and reserved – the handleless kitchen

systematART is the name for kitchen solutions from Häcker for cabinets without handles or knobs. Depending on the selected option, the channel handles, attached to the carcase, are either discreetly reserved or centre of interest with illuminated LED light profiles.
Tipmatic Softclose allows, that with a single slight push, pull-outs and drawers slide out, as if by magic. The appearance of the front is not interrupted by a single handle, thus showing that less is often more.

AV 2035 GL – Golden Highlights with Style

Fronts in dark graphite set the frame for the noble gold back panels. Graphite and gold – two colours that are made for each other. Thanks to the TOUCHfree surface there are no visible fingerprints.

Hacker Kitchen Pakistan

AV 2030 GL - Darling in White

OneLine makes hearts beat faster. With shiny white fronts, Tipmatic opening mechanism and many more technical masterpieces, this kitchen knows how to convince. The worktop runs through to form a suspended dining table and adds an exciting effect to the design.

AV 6055 - Country Life Par Excellence

The pastel green front in combination with the natural wood tone of the worktop transports the french Savoir-Vivre into the modern kitchen world. This kitchen welcomes you to start feasting, tasting and relaxing the "à la française" way of life.

Hacker Kitchen Pakistan